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Hang - Paper drilling - In-line and off-line single and multi-head systems.

  • Wide choice of drilling options
  • Fast and accurate drilling
  • Compact, space-saving designs
  • Easy to operate
  • High precision paper drills

According to Constantin Hang (exclusively represented by Friedheim International in the UK and Ireland), paper isn’t simply paper – it is a material that needs to be treated with the greatest respect – and that is why paper drilling at Hang isn’t simply paper drilling.  As a result of this respect, the company supplies a comprehensive product range, from a table-top drilling machine right up to a high-capacity automatic drilling system, thereby offering users the widest choice of equipment to suit almost all requirements!

The 114 model range combines the following advantages:

  • The drilling heads can be plugged into the machine through exchangeable indexing bars for all current standard hole patterns. This simplifies the changeover process and prevents errors when adjusting the hole offsets
  • Precision drilling heads with large axial and radial roller bearings assure freedom of movement. This enables precise drilling with minimal drill bit wear over many years
  • Easy individual adjustment of offset and drilling depth
  • Quick adjustment of the drilling heads with automatic belt tensioning
  • Uniform drill feed rate
  • Inching mode for setting up the machine
  • Machine moveable on steerable rollers


Model 114-00

  • Drill diameter 3 - 14 mm
  • Hole offset 37 - 260 mm
  • Adjustable edge distance 6 - 120 mm
  • Individual drill bit length compensation with adjusting screw (6 mm)
  • 2 table lift speeds with rapid return stroke: 11 and 22 strokes/min
  • Quick clamping of the paper drill bit


Model 114-30

As model 114-00

  • Additional infinitely variable drill speed 260 - 1,800 rpm with digital speed indicator
  • Additional infinitely variable table lift speed
  • Depth and side stops with "Zero-slot" adjust themselves automatically to the table


Model 113-00

Complete drilling of the stack – 4 in a single stroke

SmartDrill – The small four-spindle paper drilling machine for the office, copy shop and in-house printing. The cost-effective solution for production orders with standard hole patterns. Incorrect or inaccurate hole offsets are a thing of the past.


  • 4 drill spindles, fixed offset 80 mm
  • For 2-way and 4-way drilling
  • Drill diameter 3 - 8 mm
  • Adjustable edge distance from 6 mm - 23 mm
  • Drilling time 5.5 sec.

  • Paper stack height up to 56 mm
  • Quick, precise changeover from A4 to A5 or A6 in less than 10 seconds
  • Activation with electrical foot-operated switch
  • Automatic shut-off:  Standby mode
  • Drive via AC or 3-phase motor
  • Noise level 72 dB(A)
  • Weight 130 kg

Exclusively for paper drilling within companies in the graphics industry (e.g. printers, book binders and publishers).

Model 240-00

  • Multi-spindle paper drilling system with integrated jogger station
  • Drilling heads easily adjusted and changed due to tangential chain drive
  • Flat feed of stacks for controlled tipping in the jogger duct
  • Safer and more gentle transport of the stacks through two pawls
  • Quick adjustment of drilling head carriers via an elevating spindle and handwheel with position display for short set-up times
  • Quick and convenient adjustment for repeat orders
  • For loose-leaf stacks, ledgers, folded, sewn or glued products
  • Capacity: up to 1,200 stacks / hr. depending on stack height, jogger duration and paper quality
  • Useable inline or offline
  • Inline operation possible e.g. with adhesive binders, binders, packaging machines


Model 240-01

As model 240-00, but with edge offset of 80 - 210 mm

  • For drilling stacks on the side opposite to the stop


Model 245-10

  • Inline paper drilling machine, feeding of stacks from the left
  • Suitable for connection with binders, adhesive binders and three-lipped core drills, or similar
  • Separation with stack slide feed from front, pneumatically actuated
  • Safer and more gentle transport of the stacks through 2 pneumatically retractable pawls
  • Positioning device for aligning the stack in the direction of transport
  • Flexible high performance drilling system for maximum production capacities for sewn or glued products
  • Drilling heads easily adjusted and changed due to tangential chain drive
  • Fast, reproducible format changeover through two adjusting spindles and digital position displays
  • Option to save all parameters to be recalled for repeat orders
  • Drill stroke with dynamic servo drive
  • Soft touchdown mode for performance enhancement and reduction of drill bit breakages
  • Controllable dynamic stack transport speed through servo drive
  • Capacity:  up to 2,000 stacks / hr. depending on stack height and paper quality


Model 245-30

  • As model 245-10 but with stack feed from the right


Model 245-20

As model 245-10 or 245-30, but a freely programmable paper drilling machine with two program-controlled drilling heads

  • Rear and side stops program-controlled
  • Saving of all drilling parameters
  • For 2 / 4 drilling spindles