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Friedheim is the UK’s specialist supplier of binding machines, offering a full range of fully customisable Wohlenberg perfect binders. Along with specialist bindery equipment from Italian manufacturer, Zechini. 

Friedheim supplied binding equipment can cater for the production of hard and soft cover books of all shapes and sizes, along with magazines and similar publications where practicable. Depending on requirements, both in-line or off-line operation is possible, along with a choice of ‘all-in-one’ units or a ‘system’ approach for added flexibility.

Perfect Binding (Wohlenberg)

Where Perfect Binders are concerned, there is no better manufacturer better to turn to than Wohlenberg, whose innovative techniques are setting new standards.

The Wohlenberg product strategy is to offer each individual customer a machine or system that is tailored to his special needs.

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Three-knife trimmers (Wohlenberg)

Wohlenberg three-knife trimmers are renowned for providing maximum performance to the highest standards.

Their advantages include: higher cycle rates, less wear, a more precise trim and, as a result, a perfect product!

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Gathering machines (Wohlenberg)

Wohlenberg offers two main types of gathering machine – the Sprinter and the Streamer, along with a number of different versions to suit most user requirements.

Tried and tested machine building, combined with a modern, modular design, as well as the latest development features for vacuum generation, recommend the Wohlenberg Sprinter range.

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Perfect Binding and Case Making (Zechini)

Established in 1952, Italian company Zechini has become one of the world’s specialist manufacturers of bookbinding and converting machines for short, medium and longer runs.

Zechini equipment incorporates the latest technological advances so that users are provided with the most practical and cost-effective solutions.

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