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Specialist folding can cover a host of subjects, from direct mail to calendars to large format for maps and placards.  Miniature folding can also include direct mail, particularly multi-component mailing.

  • Miniature leaflet folding
  • Large and small format map and calendar folding
  • Eye-catching multiple and pyramid folding
  • Direct mail print finishing solutions
  • Added benefits achieved by use of Pick + Place
  • In-line booklet stitching and gluing
  • Special high speed production lines
  • Print finishing solutions not limited to standard formats


The new HERZOG + HEYMANN Miniature Folding Machine

The new KL 45 from HERZOG+HEYMANN is the latest development for the miniature folding market segment. This entry level miniature folder was developed from the well established KL 112 platform, and is designed specifically for lightweight paper processing. With its high quality components, integrated batch counter, and double sheet detection, this machine has all the basics in one self contained solution.

Whether you are doing short or long job runs, the KL 45 can be optimised for your production with either a pile feeder or continuous feeder. Additionally, this system can be configured with a number of fold plate combinations for different job applications.

  • Dual-calibrating fold rollers increase control of product
  • Belt driven rollers reduce noise
  • Fold roller calibration via easily accessible paper callipers
  • Slitter shaft
  • High-Grip fold rollers
  • Integrated batch counter
  • Ultrasonic double sheet control
  • Transport rollers optimized for smooth transport of small products
  • Kicker in vertical delivery unit for batch separation
  • Noise hoods
KL 112 - The machine for the smallest folds

The K112 is specifically designed for the most difficult of tasks, but is still capable of producing at the highest production speed.  It is provided with up to 14 buckle plates, and is perfectly adapted to produce:

Small folded and glued information material
Pharmaceutical instruction leaflets using lightweight printed paper, e.g., outserts
Lottery products

Standard equipment on the KL 112 includes:

  • Buckles fold units with radial roller adjustment
  • Folding rollers in steel / plastic combination
  • Buckle fold units with a pair of slitting rollers as knock-out spindles with one tool for slitting, perforating and scoring
  • Central roller setting by under-laying paper to shorten set-up times
  • Hinged buckle plates with sheet deflectors at the end of buckles
  • Transfer unit if two buckle folding units are supplied
  • MS control
M7/M8 - fully automatic folding machine
The M7/M8 are the profit centres for standard folds and products, especially in specific ‘niche’ areas.  

All feeders with this unit, starting with the first folding unit onwards.  As a result, subsequent extension with aggregates for lucrative additional tasks such as rubber coating, slitting in cycles, doubling paper or gluing products is possible.  The M7 can be supplied in different working widths, from
42 cm up to 162 cm, as well as with up to 16 buckle plates.

Specific application areas for the M7 include:

  • Special multiple folds such as pyramid shaped spiral fold
  • Map folding machine - Multiple folding in first or second unit allows the folding of maps in any style.
  • Placards in formats up to 162cm x 205cm in size
  • Direct mail production
  • Booklet applications - The M 7 multiple pocket folder allows the production of glued or stitched booklets with a high number of pages. With or without separate cover, glued or stitched, booklet labels with a closing tab or without
  • Poster folding machine - Folding of large formats of posters with optimized folding roller diameters and working widths.
  • 2 x 32-page Signature folding - Working widths up to 165 cm for large format folding allow the production of 32-page signatures in 2up.
With both of the above models Herzog + Heymann can supply a large range of optional extras to further enhance available folding solutions.  Two notable items are:

Pick + Place module
The Pick + Place module is designed for universal use in folding systems and mailing systems in any position, or directly following the gatherer and stitcher.  Attachment is possible in all printed product positions.  The ‘GS’ version has a gripper / suction cup combination attachment for products that open at the front.

Tip it (and enhance your message!)
Draw attention to your printed direct mail product by gluing on coins, sweet packages, product samples, credit cards, postcards or small pamphlets!  For example, if your printed product advertises your company and the key to the front door is attached, this sends out a very ‘welcoming’ message and you can be certain of receiving a very positive response!  Additional attention can also be achieved if your attachment is glued on to you printed product at an angle.
The Mailing profitcenter from Herzog + Heymann offers unexpected possibilities in product design, high flexibility and multiple configuration versions.

These are the most important conditions for a Mailing System.

Flexibility in mailing is the highest order:

  • Mobile feeder and mobile folding units.
  • Enough folding pockets to be prepared for corresponding requirements, e.g. profitable roll-fold.
  • Pre-cutter shafts for fitting timed cutting-or timed-perforating knives.
  • 2nd pair of rear cutter shafts for straight cutting of the ups.
  • Height adjustable and therefore changeable folding units.

With a myriad of optional units, there are thousands of combinations with Herzog + Heymann. 

  • Stacker for depositing of inkjet printed open sheets up to maximum format 52 x 72 cm. Minimum format 12 x 12 cm.
  • Flat track delivery unit 701 with upper belts for delivery of thick folding products and/or for cross-transfer of long products
  • Flat track delivery unit 702 with angled infeed for ergonomic operation.
  • Elektromotive height adjustable folding units are exchangeable.
  • Manually height adjustable folding unit M 7.46/72 4.
  • Rotary feeder TA 15/TA 20 for non-stop feeding of thick products.
  • Friction feeder FRK for feeding or tipping of fl at products.
  • Mobile continuous stream suction feeder FBS 272, 52 cm working width. Mobile fl at pile feeder F 530 for maximum format 52 x 102 cm.
  • Flat pile feeder F 76 Solo with independent drive for maximum format of 72 x 102 cm.
  • Pallet feeder FP 720/820 with independent drive.

Transfer Units/Turning units

  • Hingeable transfer unit 820 with upper round belts and lower fl at belts
  • Transfer unit 850 with upper and lower round belts for spreading of products
  • Mobile, height adjustable transfer unit 850
  • Mobile, height adjustable transfer unit 850 with swivelling outrun
  • Hingeable transfer unit 250 with centre ejection
  • Accelerator for rollers – or pile/zig-zag products
  • Turning of thinner folding products within
  • Transfer unit 855. Max. DIN A4 longitudinal format
  • Turning in running direction on roller table
  • Turning of folding products inside folding pocket by turning springs

Pick + Place

  • Transport System with SIGMA Pick + Place and Streamfeeder.
  • Dispensing of drops- and seed bags, keys, coins, diagonal dispensing
  • 16-page spine glue system ILS integrated in a MBO Folding Machine
  • Rotary feeder, cross-fold knife and fl at track delivery for newspaper half fold
  • Segmented upper pocket mouth for hot-melt applications inside folding unit
  • Cutting unit N 281
  • Cutting unit N 381
  • Cutting unit N 380. Belt guide for cutting of small folding products

Cross Carriers/Transport Systems

  • Because of register accuracy, the sheet must be aligned before running into the transport system. This can happen on our cross carrier or on the roller-table of a cutting unit.
  • Transport system 091 Basic. Height adjustment by spindles
  • Transport system 091 SERVO FB. Height adjustment by spindles
  • Transport system 091 ECO. Electromotive height adjustment
  • Transport system 091.1 with assembling frame. Electromotive height adjustment
  • Cross carrier 407. Height adjustment by flaps
  • Cross carrier 407 Basic. Height adjustment by spindles
  • Cross carrier 408 with lattice height adjustment

Additional units and modules

  • Parallel folding pocket
  • Friction feeder for dispensing of fl at products
  • Personalising with inkjet heads on the transport system
  • 7 cold glue nozzles for paper doubling on the transport system
  • Vacuum opener with plow fold
  • Belt guided plough fold for folding of pre-scored products, e.g. newspapers
  • Labelling with lateral closing with labels and product alignment
DRUPA 2016

Although Friedheim International does not have a stand at DRUPA 2016, the majority of the companies that Friedheim represents in the UK & Ireland will be participating – Herzog + Heymann being one of them:

Hall 6 / Stands B40-1 / B40-2

Sharing a stand as part of the MBO Group, Herzog + Heymann will be highlighting four specialty finishing systems at DRUPA.  Creasing and grooving finishing technology, a Vario line for merging individual sheets, and new pharmaceutical finishing technology will all be on display. 

Certain to receive a lot of attention will be the new ‘Stamina’ line – a folding carton system with an integrated rotary die-cutter from Bograma AG.  By combining the rotary die-cutting and folder-gluer processes, printers gain the ability to produce ‘nick-less’ folding cartons in one pass – thereby eliminating the need for additional production steps like refining, because the product is cut without holding points that are required in a flatbed die-cutting system. The combination also eliminates transfers and staging between the die-cutting and folder-gluer processes because they are occurring in-line – giving printers a streamlined folding carton process. The ‘Stamina’ line also features an integrated camera system that can match pre-printed inserts to the folding carton job. This greatly improves job integrity as it practically eliminates the possibility of accidental job mixing.


The ‘Stamina’ folding carton insert line from Herzog + Heymann

Mailings such as these can be produced with
equipment from Herzog + Heymann
Outserts like these can be produced with
equipment from Herzog + Heymann
This folding carton is an example of the type of
product that can be produced using the ‘Stamina’
packaging line from MBO and Herzog + Heymann