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  • Innovative and technically advanced Digital and Web Finishing solutions
  • Creators of the Printer On-line Paper Processing (POPP) production series – handling paper web widths up to 762 mm
  • Modules available for unwinding and rewinding, cutting, punching and stacking, plus merging, turning and separating
  • System solutions cover in-line or off-line processing of paper rolls, plus stack and sheet production
  • Continuous print and quality monitoring of all processes ensured by web inspection system
  • Cost-effective processing of forms, book signatures, newspapers, mailings, transpromotional products, pharmaceutical and other applications

Hunkeler Innovationsday 2017 show wrap up

The bi-annual digital spectacular that is Hunkeler Innovationdays returned to Lucerne in Switzerland this February, bringing together all of the leading digital print manufacturers and their workflow ‘partners’ to showcase the latest digital print technology.

As usual with this event Friedheim organised two fully-booked customer trips (totalling over 100 people), as well as a separate visit for leading UK trade journalists.

With over 4200 visitors a day the show has been an unqualified success bringing decision makers from across the globe together to discuss new concepts, best practice, ground breaking new techniques and above all to buy machines!

It was the largest Innovations event to date with over 80 partners exhibiting, including all the printer vendors but also some of the best finishing companies throughout the world.  That includes our very own Komfi and Palamides showing off their Amiga 52 with OTF and the newly improved Layflat binder respectively.

As always with the Hunkeler event it’s quite difficult to choose which innovations we want to promote the most and we’ve already seen all the trade media have started their coverage, below is a summary of the we at Friedheim believe needs to be explored further to really kick the UK’s Digital marketing into overdrive!

  • NEW Hunkeler POPP8 Mailing production finishing line – comprising the next generation integrated WI8 web inspection unit, WM8 web merger, and CS8 length and cross cutter. The line combines dynamic perf and punching in a modular concept – 2-up production and individual processing of the two web halves. Offers versatile high speed mailing for end products.
  • Loose-leaf stacking production utilising the NEW POPP8 generation finishing technology.  A modular roll-to-stack solution for stacked sheet output with continuous feed digital printers.  It includes the CS8 length and cross cutter, SE8 offset separator and LS8 stacker.  With the new POPP8 modular system you can now reliably process demanding products in full colour on coated and uncoated standard papers from lightweight to heavyweight, with the new ‘Dynacut’ system allowing variable format changes whilst running.
  • A fully automated newspaper line produced a number of different versions which varied depending on the number of pages involved, and included a section structure to differentiate one copy from the next.  The line was presented with the newly-developed newspaper down-stacker.
  • Throughout Hall 1 Hunkeler's various partners showed off total systems customised for the production of books that varied in format and pages off the roll to perfect bound or thread sewn products.
  • Kodak showed off its Prosper-S10 with Hunkeler's POPP8 wide technology, running a 26” wide paper web producing full colour printing with variable data at speeds of up to 300 metres/minute The company also produced Transpromo and direct mail items with variable format coupons and fully dynamic perforations that changed from sheet to sheet.
  • Screen officially launched its Truepress Jet520NX full colour inkjet printer to the public.  The company also had its HL6 laser module performing security punching, perforating and engraving for cheque, coupon, ticket and mailing applications.
  • Xerox ran its Trivor 2400 full colour duplex press with Hunkeler's high performance CS6 HS cutting module running roll-to-sheet at speeds of up to 150 metres/minute in 1-up to 4-up modes.
  • HP ran its T240HD at 150 metres/minute in combi-line configurations to produce the event’s newspaper roll-to-roll with near-line finishing.  The line included a Pitney Bowes ‘Epic’ inserting system and a LS6 stacking module for providing individually stacked newspapers.
  • Ricoh produced full colour book blocks, mailings and Transpomo products using its full colour duplex VC60000 Pro.

    Canon, Domino, Bowe Systec, Xeikon, Meccanotenica, Muller Martini, Fuji and Horizon were other companies on-site with production systems aimed at providing solutions for a range of book, Transactional, variable format, soft and hard cover books, magazines and many other products.


Roll to Roll Solutions
The Hunkeler roll to roll solution with different configurations for continuous feed digital presses.  High-speed Hunkeler unwinders and rewinders ensure efficient, productive downstream processing in the transactional, direct mail, print on-demand and packaging industries, coupled with inserters and other finishing systems.

Roll to Fan-fold Solutions
The modular Hunkeler roll to fan-fold solution with optional vertical stacking systems and carts for efficient print and mailroom operation. Reliable inline high speed operation with digital continuous feed printing systems in a space saving package and many modular options such as forms processors, web inspection, stack turner, etc.

Roll to Stack solution
The modular Hunkeler roll to stack solution for sheeted stack output with digital continuous feed printing systems. Innovative non-stop stacker or large sheet stacker with single cut sheeter or variable chip-out rotary double cutter for full bleed products in the Transactional/Transpromotional and Print on Demand segments.
With its PC7 primer coater module, Hunkeler presents a world’s first. This innovative solution can be used for primer application (pre-coating) or varnishing (top-coating). The PC7 coating module undoubtedly gives inkjet technology an additional impetus as an interesting alternative to established printing processes.
Depending on the intended use, the PC7 is integrated either before or after the digital printing process. Off-line configurations are also possible. Depending on the application and varnish a dryer / evacuation system may be required.

The modular Hunkeler newspaper solution for the production of variable on demand tabloid and broadsheet newspapers offline or inline with digital continuous feed printing systems.

Line or dot gluing option for collated tabloid newspaper, brochures or signatures.

Modular book block solutions

The modular Hunkeler book block solution for the production of optionally glued book signatures inline with high speed digital continuous feed printing systems up to 30" wide. Reliable high performance solution with folding, cutting and stacking for today's on demand book production.

Signature and loose leaf production

At a speed of up to 200 meters per minute, the Double Plow Folder PF7 can be used for the most powerful full colour digital printing systems available on the market. Apart from the production of signatures, loose leaf stacks can also be made by opening the fold with an edge trim in the CS6 cutting module. With its Double Plow Folder PF7, Hunkeler has consolidated the open concept which assures maximum flexibility for users. The processing line can be used as an offline or inline configuration with any desired printing system.

The modular Hunkeler punch and perf processor solution for static or dynamic operation with digital continuous feed printing systems. Reduction of paper and labour cost with inline converting of plain paper when needed with tractor feed holes (remaliner), register mark printing of top of form mark (TOF), cross perforation (dynamic or static), vertical perforation (dynamic or static), file hole punching, and custom punching patterns.

Hunkeler presented an innovative, patented laser process for safety punching and perforation. The areas of applications include the production of checks, coupons and direct mail pieces where the dynamic stamping of distinct individual shapes for safety characteristics or any arbitrary dynamic perforation pattern is required.

System consisting of:

  • HL6 Hunkeler Laser Module
  • 1 Chiller per laserhead
  • Exhausting system for paper waste and dust
  • WI6 Web Inspection System
  • Use of the WI6 web inspection system from the Hunkeler Control Platform ensures the in-line monitoring of security punching and perforations.